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CrossFit Lite

What is CrossFit Lite?

CrossFit Lite is a bootcamp-style CrossFit Class that focuses on metabolic conditioning and its fat burning effects, as well as strengthening your Core Muscles. This conditioning-based class involves lots of running, rowing, plyometrics, rings and kettlebells. No experience or skill level is required in CF Lite class, just the desire to sweat and work hard.

With our Bootcamp classes you still get the quality coaching, community, and intensity you get with our regular CrossFit classes. Our coaches are all CrossFit certified, highly trained coaches with years of experience and passion. The team atmosphere and community you get from these group classes will keep you coming back. The intensity is where you find the results, and we know how to get intensity out of everyone. Whether you are a grandparent or a collegiate athlete, your individual version of intensity will get you fit.

How is it different to CrossFit? Lite classes are a little faster paced, with a focus on metabolic conditioning, using scaled down weights and bodyweight movements.

A CrossFit Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class (Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement) except we will focus mainly on Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) with scaled down weights or body weight movements.

Many people want to experience the fun of CrossFit, but may have reservations about using the barbells. This is understandable since the idea of lifting very heavy weight or performing complex weight lifting movements can be unsettling to some.

CrossFit Lite is designed to maximize your fitness by using a variety of different body weight movements and objects like kettlebells or dumbbells to build strength and cardiovascular health. Each class is different and can include activities like running, body weight movements, or using kettlebells, dumbbells, jump ropes, wall balls, or boxes. While we call this CrossFit Lite, don’t be confused that this is easier than a typical CrossFit workout!

The “Lite” classes will exclude our more challenging CrossFit movements, so you won’t be doing handstand pushups, muscle ups, rope climbs, Olympic lifts or the like. You will be doing the basic cardio and bodyweight movements like pushups, air squats, sit-ups, running, jump rope, etc.

Come join us and get in the best shape of your life!

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