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July and August Accomplishments

The athletes were busy hitting new Personal Records this Summer at CrossFit HCC! Deadlift: Gabby (205#), Geoff (315#), Blake Deida (20#). Back Squats: Mark (235#), Greg (255#), Tricia (175#). Front Squats: Mark (200# for 3 Reps), Greg (235#), Kelsey (140#), Geoff (235#). Overhead Squats: Christian M. (135#), Nick A. (145#). Push Press: Kim (165#), Jackie (70# for 4 Reps), Andrew V. (195# for 3 Reps), Nick A. (175#), Kaitlin (105#), Nicole M. (105#). Push Jerk: Christian K. (205#) Power Clean: Christian M. (165# for 3 Reps) Hang Power Clean: Kaitlin (100#) Hang Squat Clean: Christian K. (175#), Nick A. (185#), Elias (245#), Jamie I. (195#), Kelly (135#), Nicole M. (105#), Geoff (165#). Thruster: Mark (165#) Jacob D. & Ari L. got their first Double Under...
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May & June Accomplishments

May Accomplishments There were a bunch of Clean PR’s this month! Brittany (125#), Jose T. (175#), and Kaitlin (105#) PR’d their Power Clean & then Geoff (155#), Cindy (110#), and Zoe (165#) all PR’d their Hang Power Clean! Andrew V. (325#), Kaitlin (185#), Marina (265#), Jessica (205#) all PR’d their Deadlift. Christian PR’d his 1RM RDL at 255#! Geoff PR’d both his Back Squat (245#) and Front Squat (215#). Kaitlin hit at new 1RM Front Squat at 135#! Deida also PR’d both his Back Squat (335#) and Front Squat (310#) and Kelsey (165#), Gary (245#) and Jasmine (230#) all hit a new 1RM on their Back Squat! Nicole PR’d her 5RM Strict Press at 75lbs! Highest Attendance: 1. Cindy Valencia & Brianna MacDonald: 21 Classes...
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Introducing Wodify Pulse – Fitness Tracking Technology

Accomplish more. Crossfit HCC is introducing Pulse by Myzone! Gym members who track their heart rate during workouts with Wodify Pulse and the Myzone MZ-3 activity belt consistently exert 25% more effort than those who don’t. If you’re looking to get more from your workout, Wodify Pulse, powered by Myzone, is the answer. Wodify Pulse measures how hard your heart is working during exercise, so you can visually monitor your effort and achieve the results you want. Wodify Pulse is a group heart rate training experience that allows members to track their progress, adjust their intensity, and compete with others to see who’s working the hardest. Get your MZ-3 Activity Belt today and get started!  

February and March Accomplishments

These past two months were super busy with the CrossFit Open and we had plenty of PR’s! Congrats to everyone who completed the Open. It always exciting to watch people push themselves a little extra during the Open! You all pushed the boundaries, realized how much more you were capable of and absolutely crushed it! Now for all the PR’s… February Accomplishments Kelly PR’d her Jackie time with 8:16! Jose T. (300#), Anastasia PR’d her 3RM Push Press with 145#, Murph PR’d her Snatch at 115#, and Rebecca PR’d her Deadlift at 165#! Anthony PR’d his 3RM Back Squat at 335#, 3RM Front Squat at 285# and 1RM Deadlift at 415#! Mani also PR’d his 3RM Front Squat at 175#. Christian K. PR’d his Hang...
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January Accomplishments

We wanted to start the new year by adding a new components to our Accomplishment Blogs! We will now be recognizing the Top 10 athletes who had the highest attendance for each month! Weightlifting/Gymnastic PR’s B. Webbs hit a new 3RM Front Squat at 140# and C. Deida hit a new 1RM Front Squat at 275#! Andrew V. Hit a 2RM Overhead Squat at 185#, and a new 1RM on both his Back Squat (310#) and Push Press (205#). Nicole his a new 2RM Hang Power Clean at 135# and Geoff hit a new 1RM Back Squat at 220#! Alia had three PR’s last month with a 2RM Hang Power Clean @ 130#, a 1RM Back Squat at 195# and a 3RM Front Squat at...
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November & December Accomplishments

The last two months of the year are always hectic with the Holidays but that didn’t stop our athletes from hitting some solid PR’s Alia PR’d both her Front Squat (155#) and her 3RM Hang Squat Clean (120#) in November. Deida PR’d his Back Squat at 315# in November and his Strict Press at 185# in December! Nicole PR’d her Front Squat at 185# and Chet PR’d his Hang Power Clean at 175#! Our December Member of the Month, Christian Keene, has multiple PR’s in the last month that included a 135# Hang Power Snatch, 185# Hang Power Clean, 195# Push Jerk and 165# Thruster! Kelly (115#) and Christian Monahan (155#) also PR’d their Thruster in December. Jocelyn PR’d her Squat Clean at 115#, Katie...
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Semper Paratus

Join Infantry Athletics as we say good luck and wish safe travels to Michael Diglio, one of our competitors. Mike joined CF-HCC last summer as a competitor and quickly became a staple of the gym. Mike will be joining the United States Coast Guard this month and will attend basic training in Cape May, NJ. After basic training he will attend “A” School, a very vigorous and demanding training regiment to become an AST. He then can be stationed anywhere in the United States after graduation! Mike grew up playing sports, ice hockey and staying active! He is very close with his family and his mother reminisces about him watching videos of the coast guard, saying his dream started at a young age. Mike will...
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September & October Accomplishments

Vin PR’d his Hang Power Clean at 300lbs! Ed had multiple PR’s in September and October. He PR’d his 4RM Deadlift at 435lbs and hit a new 3RM on both his Box Squat (520#) and Push Jerk (220#). Christian M. PR’d both his Front Squat (245#) and OHS (125#) as well as his 3RM Deadlift at 305lbs! Kayla (255#) and Allison (130#) both PR’d their Back Squat! Anastasia PR’d her Back Squat on her Birthday at 200lbs! That’s a pretty good birthday present!! Billy left to play basketball in Spain but that didn’t stop him from getting his first Bar MU on his last day! Coach Sharon PR’d both her Push Jerk (190#) and Push Press (160#). Andrew V. had so many PR’s these past...
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