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Olympic Weightlifting Class

CrossFit HCC is now offering Olympic Weightlifting Class – this program is a part of your membership, with no additional cost.

Olympic Weightlifting movements are technical and can be challenging for some. Especially new members being exposed for the first time. To learn more or improve your proficiency and understanding of these movements, we recommend attending our Olympic Weightlifting classes. In this class we focus solely on Olympic movements so that you can begin to understand the science behind the lifts and start building your confidence and skill level. Safety is our number one priority at CrossFit HCC.

Proficiency in the Olympic Lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) is an important component to success in our the HCC program at every level of fitness – from the beginner to the advanced CrossFitter. Here at CrossFit HCC, our 8 coaches offer the best coaching in the area.

In the snatch, the Athlete lifts the barbell from the floor to overhead in a single movement. In the clean & jerk, the Athlete lifts the barbell first from the floor to the shoulders (the clean) and then from the shoulders to overhead (the jerk). Attending these classes will help you master these movements, improve your form and gain strength and build muscle, if that’s your goal.

Our Olympic Lifting program offers a strong focus on developing the proper technical foundation to help each Athlete lift to their maximum potential. The workouts are tailored to each individual’s needs, in order to challenge each person appropriately and ensure success and continued progress.

In addition to the Olympic movements, we will also be performing traditional lifting movements such as squat variations, deadlifts, and shoulder to overhead. Join in and take your Olympic lifting to the next level!

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