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3 Day Menu Sampler


3 Day Menu Sampler

A few tips for getting started:

  1. Gather recipes or ideas of food that appeal to you
  2. Make a list of meal ideas (entrees, sides, lunches)
  3. Follow a theme: meatless Monday, Friday night BBQ, crock pot dinner, breakfast for dinner, etc.
  4. Plan your weekly dinners
  5. Choose a shopping day and make a list before going to the store
  6. Prep components of meals so you can pair different things together
  7. Plan for leftovers
  8. Prep for tomorrow the night before
  9. Make a double batch and freeze food for later in the week or the month
  10. Block out some regular time to prep food on the weekend, your day off, or for a few minutes each evening
  11. Keep essential foods like beans, nuts and frozen veggies on hand.





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