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February and March Accomplishments


February and March Accomplishments

These past two months were super busy with the CrossFit Open and we had plenty of PR’s! Congrats to everyone who completed the Open. It always exciting to watch people push themselves a little extra during the Open! You all pushed the boundaries, realized how much more you were capable of and absolutely crushed it! Now for all the PR’s…

February Accomplishments

Kelly PR’d her Jackie time with 8:16! Jose T. (300#), Anastasia PR’d her 3RM Push Press with 145#, Murph PR’d her Snatch at 115#, and Rebecca PR’d her Deadlift at 165#! Anthony PR’d his 3RM Back Squat at 335#, 3RM Front Squat at 285# and 1RM Deadlift at 415#! Mani also PR’d his 3RM Front Squat at 175#. Christian K. PR’d his Hang Power Clean (175#), Push Jerk (185#), and Thruster (160#)! Kelsey also PR’d her Push Jerk at 100# and Coach Jeff PR’d his HS Walk with 23 feet unbroken! Allee PR’d both her Deadlift (305#) and Back Squat (285#) with some pretty solid numbers! Jessica PR’d her Push Jerk at 105#. Jim PR’d his Thruster at 185# and his 3RM Back Squat at 335#! Jasmine PR’d her 1RM Front Squat at 195#. Gary (245#), Marina (255#) and Nicole (225#) also all PR’d their Deadlift. Nicole also PR’d her Back Squat at 215#! Scott (165#) and Zoe (105#) both PR’d their Hang Power Clean!

Highest Attendance

1. Cindy Valencia: 24 Classes
2. Kaitlin Bannon: 22 Classes
3. Adam O’Brien: 21 Classes
4. Chief: 18 Classes
5. Allee Tallman: 18 Classes
6. Rebecca Lofquist: 17 Classes
7. Brianna MacDonald: 17 Classes
8. Carolyn Cardish: 17 Classes
9. Nicole Lambusta: 17 Classes
10. Anthony Fasulo: 17 Classes

March Accomplishments

First & foremost, CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 brought all the Clean PR’s!!! Kaitlin (100#), Kelsey (110#), Coach Fum (255#), Paulie (295#), Abby (170#), B. Webb (130#), Jon C. (205#), Kenny (155#), Caralyn (105#), Deida (255#), Jasmine (175#), and Murph (175#) all PR’d!!! So proud of everyone! Also during the Open, Christian K. got his first HSPU, Kaitlin did her first two pull ups, and Allee got her first Bar Muscle Up! Kaitlin (85#), Christian M. (165#), Chet (135#), B. Webb (115#), and Caralyn (110#) all PR’d their Push Press! Christian K. PR’d his 3RM Front Squat at 185#. Paulie PR’s his Karen time at 4:47! Jasmine also PR’d her Strict Press at 110# and Snatch at 125#!

Highest Attendance

1. Cindy Valencia (AGAIN!!): 24 Classes
2. Brianna MacDonald: 21 Classes
3. Nicole Marchitto: 20 Classes
4. Kaitlin Bannon: 19 Classes
5. Andrew Clifford: 18 Classes
6. Caralyn Cardish: 18 Classes
7. Kelsey Townsend: 18 Classes
8. Adam O’Brien: 17 Classes
9. Dave Cook: 17 Classes
10. Jon Caron: 17 Classes

Don’t forget about our Gymnastics Clinic on April 29th from 10AM-12PM! Sign up at the front desk (25 athletes max)!

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