January 2017 Accomplishments – CrossFit HCC
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January 2017 Accomplishments


January 2017 Accomplishments

img_0031“A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

The athletes at CrossFit HCC started off 2017 strong with ALOT of PR’s! It’s also exciting to see all the new names up on the wall this past month! Everyone’s hard work is really paying off!

There were a ton of Squat PR’s last month! Nicole (210#), Nico (315#), Ariel (250#), Gary (280#), Dani (240#), Scott (275#), and Tracy (115#) all PR’d their 1RM! Christian (245#) and Murph (175#) both PR’d their 3RM Back Squat. Scott (225#), Adam (265#), and Murph (175#) all PR’d their 1RM Front Squat! Nicole (155#) and Ed (275#) both PR’d their 5RM Front Squat. Can’t Forget about Overhead Squats .. Nicole (145#), Christian (175#), Scott (115#), Adam (185#), and Andrew (155#) all hit a new 1RM!! Last but not least for the squats would be Ed with a whopping 510# Box Squat for 3 Reps. I’m pretty sure he could do more but ran out of room on the bar!

Ariel (135#) and Paulie (215#) both PR’d their Squat Snatch! Katie PR’d her Power Clean at 150# and so did Christian at 205#! Paulie PR’d his Squat Clean at 275# and already PR’d again this month. Road to 300 is in his near future! Nicole hit 145# for a 3RM Hang Squat Clean and Christian PR’d his Strict Press at 115#.

Looking forward to seeing what February brings especially with the CrossFit Opens beginning February 23rd! Don’t forget to sign up at games.crossfit.com and join the CrossFit HCC Team!!




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