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November & December Accomplishments


November & December Accomplishments

The last two months of the year are always hectic with the Holidays but that didn’t stop our athletes from hitting some solid PR’s

Alia PR’d both her Front Squat (155#) and her 3RM Hang Squat Clean (120#) in November. Deida PR’d his Back Squat at 315# in November and his Strict Press at 185# in December! Nicole PR’d her Front Squat at 185# and Chet PR’d his Hang Power Clean at 175#! Our December Member of the Month, Christian Keene, has multiple PR’s in the last month that included a 135# Hang Power Snatch, 185# Hang Power Clean, 195# Push Jerk and 165# Thruster! Kelly (115#) and Christian Monahan (155#) also PR’d their Thruster in December. Jocelyn PR’d her Squat Clean at 115#, Katie PR’d her Overhead Squat at 145# and Abby PR’d her Clean and Jerk at 155#! Nice job everyone!!

Let’s keep those PR’s rolling in through the New Year!

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