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We are excited to announce the January member of the month is Dave Cook. We have been impressed with Dave’s improvements over the past year. You can always find Dave in the 5:30pm class having fun and putting in work. Dave has mastered many movements and never lets the work get the best of him! He often brings his family in to partake in the workout and this proves to us his dedication! We are so happy to hear the improvement Crossfit has made on his health. We appreciate his hard work and as Dave says, here are some of his pearls of wisdom…

 Why do you do CrossFit?

 1) The people -the coaches are knowledgeable, careful and great motivators and the other members are supportive and fun to work out with . . . no headphones here!

2) The workout philosophy (I haven’t found a more effective 60 minute workout regimen that combines flexibility, strength and aerobic training in different combinations each day . . . you’ll never get bored!

3) Results (I’ve never felt better or stronger and the headaches I used to get pre – CrossFit have disappeared). 

 Favorite Move:

Muscle ups (in my dreams, that is!  It is my favorite move to watch the pros do and something I like to think I’ll be able to do at some point).

 What makes you stay at CrossFit HCC?

I’m hooked on feeling great; it works perfectly with my work schedule and its very fun and economical (super economical when you factor in fewer visits to the doctor!).

 Future Goals:

To make incremental improvements in every move, lift and aerobic activity we do . . . and the system to help track progress in each of these areas is very easy to use and helpful.

 Advice for newbies?

Set your expectations realistically and then stick with it – the results WILL happen over time if you keep it up.

 Tell us a fun fact or something you do outside of CrossFit?

I’m an architecture junkie and love to snow board.

 Words from Dave Cook:

Tell yourself everyday that exercise is NOT optional and that movement is much better than medicine (but not as good as beer)!

 Congratulations Dave and we can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for you!

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