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May Member of the Month


May Member of the Month

e63e80b3-6373-423e-b930-6033d994107fThe Member of the Month for May is Maria Cook. I’ve only known Maria for about 7 months but I feel like I could already write a book about her. If you know Maria, you love Maria. This girl is by far the sweetest, most generous, giving person I have ever met in my entire life. She would give you her last dollar and the clothes off her back if you needed it.

You’ll usually find Maria in the 9:30 AM Class, always on time and ready to work hard. She gives 100% every class, never complaining, and always smiling (even after a tough workout). In the beginning of the class, she’s usually handing out PVC pipes to everyone and then at the end she’s cheering people on and then helping them clean up their equipment. Maria signed up for her first CrossFit Opens after just a few months of doing CrossFit without any hesitation and she did an amazing job. I cannot wait to see how much she improves next year. On her days off, you’ll see her at CrossFit in the morning and then again in the evening and then she also goes hiking almost every day whether it’s -2 degrees or 100 degrees out. Maria brings so much positivity to the gym and we are extremely lucky to have someone like her as an athlete.

Here’s a word from Maria:

For years now, the journey to a life of complete health & wellness has been a passion of mine. Month after month, I have made it my mission to try new and unique ways of challenging myself both physically and mentally, sparing no opportunity to experience something different.

Enter CrossFit HCC! A friend and coworker of mine, Dani, had been raving about the amazing and challenging workouts she had been experiencing here. After a single trial workout, I signed up and became a faithful Crossfit Member, never missing a Workout of the Day for anything.

I love CrossFit for a number of reasons, but nothing compares to the capabilities and enthusiasm of the coaches I have the great pleasure of working out with on a daily basis. Matt, Courtney, AJ, TJ, Kyle, Chief, Paul & Mike are phenomenal coaches. Their dedication to CrossFit is not only evident in their skill, but their knowledge as well. Early morning workouts are my favorite, and no one knows how to wake up and get the day started like Matt and Courtney – no need for coffee, just a great workout, right Court?

With leaders like them, it’s impossible not to fall victim to their infectious positivity, making my other love for Crossfit the members I get to work out with. Their determination to complete challenges and ability to collaborate with one another is both inspiring and encouraging. Nothing keeps me motivated like the passion they show towards Crossfit and each other.

When it comes to the actual work outs, I can honestly say that there hasn’t been one time that I left CrossFit feeling anything less than fulfilled. The amount of thought and preparation that goes into these sessions is nothing short of astounding – thanks, Matt! The workouts we go through are essential to improving our movements and lifts. Guaranteed to break a sweat every time, the high intensity skill sets keep me coming back for more.If I said I didn’t appreciate the results that come along with CrossFit HCC, I would be lying. Paired with the inspirational atmosphere, there is no greater energy than that of achieving your goals with CrossFit. I am not only astounded by my own achievements but of those I have seen the other athletes reach. Watching the other members give it their all, day in and day out, gives me a feeling I can only explain as indescribable. When they meet their goals, I feel as though I have met mine too. There is no greater comraderie.

CrossFit has helped me in so many ways, but most importantly it has shaped my mentality and lifestyle for the better. Before CrossFit, I felt as though I was in a rut and in meeting the other members and coaches, with similar goals as well as experiencing and overcoming challenges, I have felt a sense of achievement unlike anything ever before. I can’t wait for today, tomorrow, and many more sessions as a member of CrossFit HCC!c4b0cd43-bc40-43fd-976c-818c20d1868a


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