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September Member of the Month


September Member of the Month

If you have ever heard the saying go big or go home then you have seen our member of the month lift. Please join us in congratulating September’s Member of the Month, Ed Dunford. Ed joined our team over two years ago and consistently impresses us with his raw power. No weight is too heavy and he can often be found running out of weights. We couldn’t be happier to see Ed grow as a crossfitter over the years and can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for him!

Some words from Ed:

Why I CrossFit.. I started crossfit about 3 1/2 years ago to get back in shape. I was working the midnight shift as a New Haven Police Officer and it was hard to keep a good exercise and diet routine. I was looking for something more organized then just going to the gym and lifting weights.

Favorite Lifts.. My favorite lifts are the power type movements (back squats, deadlifts, and push press) ..that goes back to my days of power lifting for sports.

Why do I Stay at HCC.. I bounced around local CrossFit gyms for the first year. I could not find a gym I liked with good instructors. Then I found HCC where I have been a member for a little over 2 years. The coaching staff here is very knowledgeable and have a great attitude. I liked the one on one interaction when I first started the gym. The instructors really focus on you getting the proper movements down. I am also a big proponent of supporting veteran owned businesses.

Advice for Newbies.. All I can say is stick with it. In my over 20 years experience of exercising, CrossFit is by far the best combo of cardio and strength training.

Future Goals.. I hope to keep setting new PRs in my lifts and losing weight.

Fun Fact.. Since I started CrossFit and started to get back in shape, I have started doing Spartan Adventure Races. I have completed over 10 races averaging 4-9 miles. I have gone to several states as far as California to complete in the races.

Words from Ed.. I just hope to keep making gains and some day do a crossfit competition.

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