Team WOD 9/3/16 – CrossFit HCC
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Team WOD 9/3/16


Team WOD 9/3/16

CrossFit HCC – CrossFit


Hero WOD: Red Wings (Time)

Teams of 4

1,000 Meter Row

100 Wall Ball s(20/14)

100 KBS (53/35)

100 Burpees

1,000 Meter Row
The 1,000 meter row symbolizes the trek into the mountains to get into position. 100 Kettlebell swings for the shots fired at our men. 100 Wall Balls for the shots we fired back. 100 Burpees for every time those guys got knocked down or fell down the mountain, they sure as hell got back up again. We finished with another 1,000 meter row, symbolizing the ride home.The only stipulation is that you start with your partner/team/group on the rowers, and you move to the kettlebells together. You finish the kettlebells and you move to the wall balls together. Same for burpees. You finish together on the rowers. No one moves on to the next exercise without their team. You all push through together.

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