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March Members of the Month


March Members of the Month

Please join us in congratulating March’s Members of the Month, Rebecca Lofquist and Anthony Fasulo. They began at CF HCC last summer as a way to stay in shape but this soon to be husband and wife, soon embarked on a healthy competition to push each other physically. They constantly evolve as athletes, motivating each other and many of the other members in the gym. They are constant participants at our ‪4:30pm‬ class, leading in attendance and often setting new PR’s! They are both so dedicated and are awesome athletes to be around. This year, they’re both signed up for their first CrossFit Open and have paved the way in the first two workouts. Rebecca had a 60lb PR from when she first began CrossFit during Open WOD 18.2A which was a 1RM Clean! She also PR’ed her deadlift in February with 165 pounds. Nice work girl! In February Anthony hit 995 for his CrossFit total, one of the highest amoungst our CrossFit athletes. He also leads the PR board in many movements including a: 205lb Push Jerk, 355lb Back Squat and a 415lb Deadlift. Way to get after it everyday! Thank you to you both for your support of our community and for your hard work day in and day out. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you both. Congratulations again and keep up the sweat equity.

Why do you do CrossFit?
Rebecca: I was curious about CrossFit for years, but was always too intimidated to try it. I was feeling uninspired by my normal gym routine and wanted to find a new way to improve my strength and stamina. In June, we decided to try CFHCC and we have been hooked ever since. Every workout and movement is an opportunity to challenge myself and improve my technique.

Anthony: I always wanted to try CrossFit, however, I never really pulled the trigger. I was going to a gym and working out on a regular basis, but I was loosing my drive. I played competitive hockey throughout high school and college and really missed the intense training and motivation from my teammates. This past June, Rebecca and I decided we were finally going to give it a shot and we have been coming consistently since joining.

Favorite Move:
Rebecca: My favorite moves would have to be the deadlift and kettlebell swing because both movements require you to activate many different muscles. They are definitely a great full body workout.

Anthony: My favorite movements would have to be the different variations of cleans because of the technicality of the movements.

What makes you stay at CrossFit HCC?
Rebecca: I initially started CrossFit because I was bored with my normal gym routine and not seeing the progress I wanted to. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity to push myself physically and mentally. HCC is an amazing community, where you are surrounded by constant motivation and encouragement. We love coming to HCC every day and we can honestly say we have been hooked since our very first week. It has given us something to do together and we continue to motivate one another.

Anthony: I stay at HCC because I’m addicted to the environment. The members and coaches at HCC are always there to push you and motivate you to do your best. It is a great feeling to be surrounded by athletes that are driven and determined to succeed. Going to class at HCC is the highlight of my day. Every time I walk into the gym, I’m prepared and determined to challenge myself and find out what my body is capable of. I feel stronger and better than ever and love seeing progress I’ve made. In the past nine months I have seen improvements in my overall strength and endurance.

Future Goals:
Rebecca: My goal is to string together more double-unders and pull-ups. I want to continue to use the techniques and skills I’ve learned to become stronger and build more stamina.

Anthony: I want to continue to challenge myself and focus on the technical aspects of the movements. I hope to be able to do the competitor classes at HCC one day.

Advice for Newbies?
Rebecca: It can be intimidating at first to walk into a different environment and to learn new movements. If you have patience, trust the coaches and continue to challenge yourself, you will see progress. You will also be surround by coaches and members who are always supportive and encouraging.

Anthony: I’m not going to lie, CrossFit can be tough at first, but you just have to “embrace the suck”. At CrossFit, you are constantly learning and pushing your body. If you are determined and focused, you will see the progress.

Tell us a fun fact or something you do outside of CrossFit?
Rebecca: I will be graduating with my masters in speech-language pathology in May! When I’m not at the gym or at school, I am planning our wedding. I enjoy exploring new places and traveling.

Anthony: Outside of Crossfit, I work as a Trooper for the state police. Crossfit has had a positive impact on me both physically and mentally, when it comes to the job. When I’m not working, I like to go shooting, play hockey and golf and take our dog hiking.

Words from Rebecca:
Set goals for yourself and push yourself to achieve them. Thank you to all the coaches and members for creating such an awesome community and for making the past 9 months at CFHCC an absolute blast.

Words from Anthony:
Joining CF HCC has been one of the best decisions Rebecca and I have made. It constantly challenges us to be better and gives us the opportunity to do something we love together. Thanks to all the coaches for their advice, feedback and words of encouragement. Thank you to all the members at CF HCC for creating a supportive and energetic environment.

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