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Lurong Living Resolution Challenge


Lurong Living Resolution Challenge

CrossFit HCC is participating in the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge beginning January 18th. This challenge is geared towards fitness and nutrition with prizes to the athletes that show the best results!

The Resolution Challenge will help you make your resolutions become a reality. It will provide structure, accountability, resources, education, and competition that will help you achieve your goals! CrossFit is geared towards community and so is the Resolution Challenge. Support your fellow athletes about making better decisions with their diets and push them to get that extra rep in a workout or to hit a PR!

The Resolution Challenge gives away more than 45k in prizes! It is sponsored by Reebok, HumanX, The Resiliency Project, and Lurong Living. Also, CrossFit HCC will awarding their own awesome prizes! First Place will win a pair of Beats by Dre wireless headphones, Second Place will win a CrossFit HCC Sweatshirt or Zip Up, and Third Place will win a CrossFit HCC T-Shirt or Tank Top. Also, all participants will get a free Kill Cliff.

The Resolution Challenge is a 5-week online challenge that begins January 18th and ends February 21st. The Challenge is broken down into 3 Phases: Benchmark Testing, Transformation Phase, and Benchmark Retesting. During the Benchmark phase you will be performing one benchmark workout which features three standardized skill levels. You will also have your body measurements taken and your initial weigh-in done. During each week of the Transformation phase, you will be challenged with a competitive WOD. Throughout the challenge, you will be tracking your diet, goals, and lifestyle markers, as well as trying new recipes, learning, interacting with the community, and competing against your friends.

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  1. My favorite crsiofst ever ! I’ve been to several crsiofst gyms but never really enjoyed them , but IC helps and teaches you never to give up ! All coaches are great motivators! Enjoy myself every class ! Thanks IC

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