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Semper Paratus

Join Infantry Athletics as we say good luck and wish safe travels to Michael Diglio, one of our competitors. Mike joined CF-HCC last summer as a competitor and quickly became a staple of the gym. Mike will be joining the United States Coast Guard this month and will attend basic training in Cape May, NJ. After basic training he will attend “A” School, a very vigorous and demanding training regiment to become an AST. He then can be stationed anywhere in the United States after graduation! Mike grew up playing sports, ice hockey and staying active! He is very close with his family and his mother reminisces about him watching videos of the coast guard, saying his dream started at a young age. Mike will...
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September & October Accomplishments

Vin PR’d his Hang Power Clean at 300lbs! Ed had multiple PR’s in September and October. He PR’d his 4RM Deadlift at 435lbs and hit a new 3RM on both his Box Squat (520#) and Push Jerk (220#). Christian M. PR’d both his Front Squat (245#) and OHS (125#) as well as his 3RM Deadlift at 305lbs! Kayla (255#) and Allison (130#) both PR’d their Back Squat! Anastasia PR’d her Back Squat on her Birthday at 200lbs! That’s a pretty good birthday present!! Billy left to play basketball in Spain but that didn’t stop him from getting his first Bar MU on his last day! Coach Sharon PR’d both her Push Jerk (190#) and Push Press (160#). Andrew V. had so many PR’s these past...
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July and August Accomplishments

It was a busy Summer at CrossFit HCC! Our athletes have really stepped their game up and we loved seeing new names on the board!! July Accomplishments As always, our athletes crushed their Squat PRs! Billy (315#), Jessica (165#), Murph (215#), Alia (185#), Bri (205#), and Kelly (165#) all PR’d their Back Squat! Andrew (265#), Ian (215#), and Alia (150#) PR’d their 1RM Front Squat. Mike A. (215#), Nick (225#), and Ed (320#) all PR’d their 3RM Front Squat. We also had some Squat Clean PR’s with Andrew (200#), Brie (115#), Christian K. (185#), Dave (105#), Ian (150#) and Kelly (130#) all hitting a new 1RM! We may have had more Jerk PR’s this month than Squat PR’s! Anastasia (155#) and Ariel (160#) both PR’d...
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April/May/June Accomplishments

I always get behind in the Summer but here are the past three months of accomplishments! Keep up the hard work and don’t forget to write your name on the PR board! We want to continue filling it up every month!! April Accomplishments There were a bunch of Squat PR’s this month. Nicole PR’d her Back Squat (215#), Front Squat (180#) and OHS (145#)! Andrew (245#) and Marcy (140#) both PR’d their 2RM Back Squat. Ian PR’d his Front Squat at 195#. Christian hit a 325# Box Squat. Jose PR’d his 1RM Back Squat at 405# and so did Katie at 205#. There were also a lot of Deadlift PR’s!! Andrew (285#) and Christian (295) both PR’d their 3RM and Nicole (225#), Dani (270#), and...
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February and March Accomplishments

Great job to everyone who competed in the 2017 CrossFit Opens!! It is always exciting to see our athletes push themselves and realize they are capable of more than they think! February Accomplishments Christian PR’d both his Front Squat (215lbs) and Back Squat (255lbs) as well as his Push Press (165lbs)! Anastasia, February’s Member of the Month, hit a new 1RM Front Squat at 175lbs and a new 1RM Push Press at 130lbs! Nico also PR’d his Push Press at 155lbs and so did Ed at 230lbs! Nicole and Katie both PR’d their Clean and Jerk at 145lbs! Abby PR’d her Clean and Jerk at 135lbs & Ariel PR’d hers at 190lbs! Ariel also hit a 220lb Front Squat for a new 1RM! Coach Mike...
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January 2017 Accomplishments

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” The athletes at CrossFit HCC started off 2017 strong with ALOT of PR’s! It’s also exciting to see all the new names up on the wall this past month! Everyone’s hard work is really paying off! There were a ton of Squat PR’s last month! Nicole (210#), Nico (315#), Ariel (250#), Gary (280#), Dani (240#), Scott (275#), and Tracy (115#) all PR’d their 1RM! Christian (245#) and Murph (175#) both PR’d their 3RM Back Squat. Scott (225#), Adam (265#), and Murph (175#) all PR’d their 1RM Front Squat! Nicole (155#) and Ed (275#) both PR’d their 5RM Front Squat. Can’t Forget about Overhead Squats .. Nicole (145#), Christian (175#), Scott (115#), Adam (185#), and Andrew...
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2017 CrossFit Opens

It’s that time of year again! The 2017 CrossFit Opens begins February 23rd and registration is now open! The CrossFit Opens is a 5 week online competition that CrossFit HQ holds every year to find the “Fittest on Earth”. Last year CrossFit HCC had 30 athletes sign up and participate in the Opens and we want to try to beat that number this year! The Open is not just about competing and trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games. It challenges everyone for many different reasons. It is an opportunity to see how you compare to everyone else in the world. Last year 324,307 people participated in the Opens. I believe the most important aspect of the Opens is it shows your progress each year and...
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Coach Paul

This month we are starting our “Get to Know Your Coach” blog! First up is Coach Paulie! Coach Paul is 23 years old and grew up in West Haven. He played Lacrosse the majority of his life and after High School, he went on to play at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA. Lacrosse is a very fast paced competitive sport which is why Paulie was so drawn to CrossFit. He began CrossFit his senior year and became a member of CrossFit HCC shortly after that. Head Coach Matt saw something special in Paul and suggested he should get his CrossFit Level 1 Training Certification. He had no problem passing the course and receiving the certification. Since Paul has started coaching at HCC, his goal...
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November and December Accomplishments

We are super excited to bring back the PR blog and show how hard all our athletes work each month! We ended 2016 strong and here’s some of the accomplishments our athletes recorded the past two months! November Accomplishments Jessica PR’d her Deadlift at 155lbs! Ian (215#) and Nicole (200#) both set new PR’s on their 3RM Deadlift! Nicole also PR’d her Strict Press at 90lbs. Dani hit a new Back Squat at 235lbs and Ariel PR’d her 3RM at 225lbs! Ariel maxed out her Snatch for the first time ever and hit 130lbs. Christian K. hit 175lbs for a 5RM Front Squat and also 155lbs for a 1RM Push Press! Jimbo (245#), Paulie (285#), and Diglio (325#) all PR’d their Power Clean!! Christian M....
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